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1900 American Census Crachesi Immigrants on Baxter Street

44 Baxter Street, New York City

Giuseppe (b. 1891) and Maria Antonia (b. December 1865) Camperlengo. Married 23 years. Immigrated 1884.
Children at home:  
Angela (b. April 1882 in Craco). Immigrated 1884.
Leonardo (b. June 1884 in Craco). Immigrated 1884.
Vincenzo (b. November 1892 in NYC)
Angela (b. May 1895 in NYC)
Pasquale (b. September 1896 in NYC)
Francesco (b. April 1900 in NYC)  
Andrea Mormando (b. November 1861) and Isabella Lobasco (b. September 1872).  Married 13 years. Andrea immigrated 1886. Isabella immigrated 1885.
Children at home:
Gaetano (b. May 1891 in NYC)
Francesca (b. April 1894 in NYC)

Mormando Family

Lucrezia Rubertone (b. May 1853 in Craco). Widowed. Immigrated 1890.  
Living with children (grandchildren?):  
Anna (b. October 1882 in Craco).  Immigrated 1890.  
Valoriano (b. July 1896 in NYC)


Vincenzo (b. Feb 1869 in Craco) and Filomena (b. March 1875) Lobasco. Married 8 years. Vincenzo immigrated 1881. Filomena immigrated 1890.  
Living with one son: 
Francisco (b. May 1895 in NYC) 


Maria Maddelena Grieco (b. September 1854 in Craco). Widowed.  Immigrated 1890.  
Living with 2 sons:  
Antonio (b. April 1870 in Craco) Married (?). Immigrated 1896.
Angelo (b. May 1873 in Craco). Immigrated 1896.


Andrea (b. May 1875 in Craco) and Rosa (b. April 1875 in Craco) Ferrante. Married 1895. Immigrated 1896.  Children:
Pasquale (b. March 1897 in NYC)
Maddelena (b. February 1900 in NYC)  


Angelo (b. Sept. 1869) and Francesca (b. Nov. 1875) Riviello. Married 1890. Immigrated 1892.
Domenico (b. May 1895 in NYC)
Vincenzo (b. April 1898 in NYC)
Giovanni (b. April 1900 in NYC)
Pasquale (b. Aug 1855) and Giulia (b. Nov 1867) Riviello. Married 1888.  Immigrated 1893.
Had four children; 3 living:
Rosina (b. Sept. 1889 in Craco)
Giacamo (b. March 1898 in NYC)
Gerardo (b. May 1895 in NYC)


Giulia Episcopia (b. Aug 1866) married 1883, but widowed. Immigrated 1898 with children:
Angela (b. Sept. 1884 in Craco)
Giovanni (b. May 1887 in Craco)
Leonardo (April 1890 in Craco)
Living with Maria Zaffarese (b. Jan. 1846), a widow. Immigrated 1885.


Giovanni Riviello (b. Dec. 1872) and wife Vittoria DeCesare (b. Sept. 1872). Married 1895.  Immigrated 1895.  Child:
Giuseppe (b. June 1897 in NYC)


Gaetano (b. Aug 1866) and wife Antonia (b. Feb. 1875) Riviello. Married 1892. Immigrated 1892.   No children.


Domenico (b. May 1867) and wife Anna (b. April 1875) Tuzio. Married 1890. Immigrated 1894. Children:
Rosa (b. June 1894 in NYC)
Giuseppina (b. April 1897 in NYC)
Vincenzo (b. Oct. 1899 in NYC)

Prospero (b. Sept. 1863) and wife Isabella (b. May 1868) Fittipaldi. Married 1883. Immigrated 1885. Children:
Maria Rita (b. June 1884 in Craco)
Vincenzo (b. April 1886 in NYC)
Domenico ( b. July 1897 in NYC)


Other last names at 44 Baxter Street: 
Secafico; Viverito; Zaffarese; Gigliano; Storica.



42 Baxter Street, New York City  
Domenica Lobasco (b. December 1849 in Craco).  Widowed. Immigrated 1893.  
Living with children or grandchildren:  
Nicoletta (b. October 1886 in Craco)
Lorenzo (b. April 1888 in Craco)
Filomena (b. July 1891 in Craco)

Paolo (b. May 1866 in Craco) and Domenica (b. October 1870) DeCesare.  Married 1895.  Paolo immigrated 1896. Domencia immigrated 1900.  One child:
Domenico (b. January 1897 in Craco). Immigrated 1900.
Isabella DeCesare (b. June 1852 in Craco).  Widowed.  Immigrated in 1881 with three children:
Charles (b. October 1872 in Craco)
Mary (b. May 1877 in Craco)
Rose (b. December 1879 in Craco)

Living with a boarder: Domenica Marrese (b. May 1869 in Craco). Immigrated 1883.


Alessio (b. May 1868) and wife Vincenza (b. May 1875) Matera. Married 1892. Immigrated 1892.
Had 3 chidlren; 2 living:
Gaetano (b. Feb. 1895 in NYC)
Lucia (b. Dec. 1899 in NYC)



40 Baxter Street, New York City

Pietro (b. 1870 in Craco) and Maria (b. 1878) Roccanova. Immigrated 1890. Married 1898.
Living with newborn daughter (no name).

Pasquale (b. Sept. 1868) and wife Rosa (b. Aug 1873) Rinaldi. Married 1890. Immigrated 1892.
Had 5 children; 4 living:
Lucia (b. Oct. 1891 in Craco)
Vincenzo (b. Feb 1894 in NYC)
Filomena (b. Feb. 1897 in NYC)
Maria (b. Nov. 1899 in NYC)

Gaetano (b. March 1864) and wife Maria (b. May 1872) Cantasano. Married 1889. Immigrated 1880.   Children:
Maddelena (b. Aug. 1890 in NYC)
Antonia (b. Dec. 1895 in NYC)



38 Baxter Street, New York City

Michele (b. November 1852 in Craco) and Rosa (b. May 1856 in Craco) Lorubbio. Married 25 years.  Had 8 children. Three lived. Immigrated 1885.
Giuseppe (b. October 1881 in Craco). Immigrated with parents in 1885.
Camilla (b. March 1895 in NYC)
Giulia (b. February 1899 in NYC)

Living with boarder: Francesco Mormando (b. February 1879 in Craco). Single. Immigrated 1894.

Francesco (b. June 1860) and Rosa (b. November 1862) Sarubbi. Married 1880. Immigrated 1891.    Children in current household:
Pietro (b. March 1886 in Craco)
Paolo (b. March 1890 in Craco)
Giovanni (b. January 1892 in NYC)
Antonio (b. November 1894 in NYC)
Filomena (b. December 1896 in NYC)
Antonia (b. June 1898 in NYC)

Francesco Mormando (b. January 1879 in Craco). Single. Immigrated 1885. Same as Francesco Mormando above?


Giovanna Mormando (b. October 1815 in Craco). Widowed. Immigrated 1884.
Raising 3 grandchildren:
Anna (b. May 1890 in NYC)
Filomena (b. February 1893 in NYC)
Giuseppe (b. September 1895 in NYC)