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Genealogy Records

The Craco Society holds unique material about the town and its inhabitants from both Italy and North America.

The records currently available are:

The 1753 Catasti Onciari of Craco
The 1830 Catasti Onciari of Craco
The Craco Census of 1857
The Index of the 1865 Craco Census
Index of  Births, Deaths & Marriages for Craco
• Castle Garden Arrivals from Craco
Ellis Island Arrivals from Craco
Other U.S. Port Arrivals from Craco
• 1900 American Census – Crachesi Immigrants on Baxter Street
• Craco Vital Records
Locating Property in Craco Vecchio
• Craco Foglio Di Famigila
• Craco Ancestry Database
WWII Registrants from Craco
The Lost Neighborhood of New York

The Society also has copies of publications about Craco which may assist members in identifying ancestors.
These are:
• Note Storiche Sul Comune Di Craco
• Omaggio alla Stella
• San Vincenzo un Martire a Craco

All of these documents have proven to be valuable tools in aiding members’ genealogy research. The Craco Society continues to pursue obtaining copies of more genealogy documents from Craco.

Current members’ family surnames include:
Avena, Baldasari, Barberia, Benedetto, Beradone, Bianculli, Blancieri, Bonadies, Calitri, Camperlengo, Canusano, Caricati, Caropreso, Casolaro, Cassano, Castellano, Cataio, Catalano, Chiamente, Colabella, Consoli, D’Alefsio, D’Elia, DeCesare, Diamondo, Dipierro, Dolcimele, Episcopia, Ferrante, Finzio, Forgione, Fortuna, Francavilla, Frantino, Galante, Gallo, Grossi, Lapilla, Lavaro, Lobasco, LoCaso, Lorubio (LaRubbio), Lospenuso, Lospinoso, Lumate, Magistro, Magriotti, Marmo, Marrese, Mastronardi, Matera, Morati, Mormondo, Montesano, Moscogiuri, Nardandrea, Nigro, Paduano, Pignataro, Pirretti, Ragone, Rapso, Rinaldi (Canada), Rinaldi (New York), Roccanova, Rubertone, Russo, Salomone, Santalucia,  Sarubbi, Sillani, Spera, Stabile, Tocci (Toce), Tanico, Torraca, Tuzio, Valinato, Viggiano, Zaccaro and Zafferese.
Click on any link above to view a document or family tree. Adobe Acrobat software is required to view family trees. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat for free.

To comply with European Union and Italian regulations, all requests for vital records made to the Comune di Craco need to be submitted via postal mail or by fax. Once the requests are received they will be officiated with a date stamp and processed according to their existing policy.

Requests should not be channeled through The Craco Society.
Regulations in Craco require a charge for each document that is located through their search of vital records in the town archives. The charges are as follows:
• Birth, death, or marriage records – 10.00 Euros per authenticated copy
• Family Status/Stato di Famiglia document – 100.00 Euros per search. This provides information on a family unit that is defined as a father, mother, and children.
• Family Tree – The rates are variable, as the charge is calculated based on the number of Family Status/Stato di Famiglia documents located for individuals in the family tree.  For example, if the research produces 4 generations of ancestors in a Family Tree the cost would be 400.00 Euros.
To submit a request, please print and fill out the attached Genealogy Search Request Form. You must provide the name and approximate dates for births and death searches. For marriage searches you should also provide the maiden name if available. The result of the search will be sent to you via return mail and will include photocopies of the actual records if any are found, and an invoice for the searches. Payment for the search should be made in Euros via international money order sent to the address below.

Postal address for requests and payments:

a.c. della Signora Angela LoPorchio
Responsabile dell’Archivio
Comune di Craco
Via Monsignor Mastronardi, 2

Telephone:  +39-0835-459-005
Fax:                +39-0835-459-243

Telephone inquiries can be made between the hours of 8 am and 2 pm Central European Time
(2 am to 8 am EST).