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Category: Artists Views of Craco

Artists Views of Craco

In July 2021, Society member Nancy Mormando Oleksy shared a beautiful painting of Craco done by her daughter Tiffany.   
Nancy tells us, “It is 26×48 inches and I got it framed…” She also mentions, “Just watched the Montedoro movie for the first time.  Wondered how many of my family might have been in the movie or the old movie parts.” 
Nancy tells us, “… Tiffany paints every chance she gets. She also men-tioned that if anyone wants a digital 
copy of the Craco pic, they can have it for free of course, and they could get it printed to a canvas at a place like Costco.” 
To get a digital copy contact the Society by email.  



Craco Watercolor held by Joseph D Rinaldi


San Vincenzo




Phyllis Roccanova Brenna

Nancy Oleksy



Palmina Barbaro Painting

Marilynn Congedo Archway

Eugene St Marie Rinaldi Homestead

Eugene St Marie held by Rinaldi’s

Eugene St. Marie Painting Held by Bob Rubertone

Eugene St. Marie held by Rinaldi’s

Enzo Rinaldi Painting held by The Craco Society

Ed Sconzo San Vincenzo

Ed Sconzo Craco

Domenica Rinaldi 2015

Craco Ruin HU Steger artist

Craco Convento HU Steger artist

Brooklyn 145

Anna Lucia Nuzzo painting held by The Craco Society

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