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World War II – The Fourth Registration

The database is an indexed collection of the draft cards from the Fourth Registration, the only registration currently available to the public (the other registrations are not available due to privacy laws). The Fourth Registration, often referred to as the “old man’s registration,” was conducted on 27 April 1942 and registered men who born on or between 28 April 1877 – 16 February 1897 – men who were between 45 – 64 years old – and who were not already in the military.
This list is an extract from the database based on a search using “Craco, Matera Italy” as the input criteria. The images of these cards are available online at the website and can be downloaded.
Information available on the draft cards includes:
• Name of registrant
• Age
• Birth date
• Birthplace
• Residence
• Employer information
• Name and address of person who would always know the registrant’s whereabouts
• Physical description of registrant (race, height, weight, eye and hair colors, complexion)
Additional information such as mailing address (if different from residence address), serial number, order number, and board registration information may also be available.


For individuals who lived near a state border, sometimes their Draft Board Office was located in a neighboring state. Therefore, you may find some people who resided in one state, but registered in another.


The collection of records at is incomplete due to data entry backlog or missing records from some states. Therefore, it is possible that an ancestor, who fits the age requirement of this registration, will not currently be found in this database. Records for additional states will be added to this database as Ancestry can acquire them.




Name Birth Date Residence
Vincenzo Andrisano 27 Apr 1888 Brooklyn, New York
Anthony Basilio 17 Feb 1881 Kings, New York
Vincenzo Benedetto 11 Sep 1886 Kings, New York
Lorenzo Branda 10 Oct 1885 New York, New York
Antonio Camperlengo 27 Oct 1886 Queens, New York
Nicholas P Caricato 13 Dec 1883 Hudson, New Jersey
Dominick Colabella 17 Sep 1891 Kings, New York
Francesco Colabella 17 Jan 1879 Brooklyn, New York
Frank Colabella 19 Apr 1894 Brooklyn, New York
Joseph Conte 25 Jul 1892 Brooklyn, New York
Vincent Decostole 4 Jan 1890 Staten Island, New York
Dominick Demarco 1 Nov 1896 New York, New York
Nicola Digiovanni 29 Sep 1885 New York, New York
Anthony Donadio 16 Jun 1889 Kings, New York
Giuseppe Donnaddi 16 Oct 1882 Kings, New York
Leonard Episcopio 24 Oct 1890 Brooklyn, New York
Charles Ferrando 5 Jun 1895 New York, New York
Pasquale Fezza 9 Dec 1883 Queens, New York
Nicholas Francavilla 23 Jun 1895 Brooklyn, New York
Antonio Frumento 9 Mar 1893 Kings, New York
Frank Frumento 24 Oct 1987 Brooklyn, New York
Antonio Gaetano 18 Jun 1885 New York, New York
Ambrose Galante 18 Jan 1888 Kings, New York
Vincenzo Gallo 12 Oct 1889 Manhattan, NY
Pasquale Anthony Gesualdi 8 Sep 1890 Bucks, Pennsylvania
James Gesualdo 6 Nov 1892 Kings, New York
Peter Vincent Grecco 27 Dec 1890 Kings, New York
Egidio Grezzi 1 Jul 1887 Kings, New York
Leonardo Grieco 19 Feb 1882 New York, New York
Salvatore Grieco 24 May 1891 Kings, New York
Nicolangelo Grossi 25 Jan 1885 Hudson, New Jersey
Giacomo Grossi 22 Jun 1892 Kings, New York
Nicola Jacovino 10 Nov 1881 New York, New York
LaRubbio Joseph 18 Oct 1881 Kings, New York
Joseph Laviera 2 Sep 1888 New York, New York
Vincent James Lombardi 17 Aug 1895 Queens, New York
Peter A. Manfredi 27 Mar 1894 Queens, New York
Andrew Manghise 31 Oct 1884 New York, New York
Anthony Manghise 16 Nov 1891 Corona, New York
Joseph Manghise 11 Mar 1891 New York, New York
Andrew Marmo 21 Mar 1890 New York, New York
Frank Maronna 19 Nov 1884 Brooklyn, New York
Amedeo Marrese 18 Dec 1879 Queens, New York
John Mastrangelo 17 Nov 1887 New York, New York
Charles A Mastronardi 14 Dec 1896 Kings, New York
Nicholas Mastronardi 16 Jan 1894 Hartford, Connecticut
Joseph Anthony Mastronardi 13 Oct 1880 Hudson, New Jersey
Daniel Patrick Matera 22 Jan 1897 Kings, New York
Dominick J Matera 23 Jan 1893 Kings, New York
James Matera 21 Jul 1885 Kings, New York
Joseph Giuseppe Mormando 17 Jul 1883 Kings, New York
Michael Mormando 20 Sep 1890 Kings, New York
Nicholas Mormando 19 Mar 1896 Kings, New York
Pietro Padovano 12 Jun 1880 Kings, New York
Angelo Ralph Paduani 1 Nov 1881 Middlesex, New Jersey
Pasquale Vincenzo Palmieri 28 Sep 1882 Brooklyn, New York
Pasquele Parziale 15 Nov 1879 New York, New York
Thomas Pascariello 25 Feb 1888 Kings, New York
Rocco Perretti 22 Sep 1888 Kings, New York
Antonio Prisco 18 Jan 1893 New York, New York
Giuseppe Rinaldi 11 Jul 1884 Brooklyn, New York
Leonardo Antonio Rinaldi 22 Jan 1891 Queens, New York
Peter Rinaldi 8 Dec 1884 Kings, New York
Pietro Rubertone 16 Sept 1873 New York, New York
Vitantonio Rubertone 17 May 1887 New York, New York
Frank Roccanova 12 Apr 1895 New York, New York
Joseph Sarubbi 16 Jul 1894 Hudson, New Jersey
Michael A Sellare 29 Jun 1894 New York, New York
Anthony Sellaro 31 Jan 1892 Kings, New York
Peter Serafin 29 Jan 1886 New York, New York
Carlo Simonetti 9 Sep 1889 Bronx, New York
Dominick Anthony Spero 15 Jan 1883 Queens, New York
Frank J Spero 7 Jun 1886 Kings, New York
Frank Tocci 27 Apr 1877 Camden, New Jersey
Joseph Tuzio 22 Sep 1890 Kings, New York
Prospero Tuzio 9 Sep 1893 Hudson, New Jersey
Frank Vitarello 16 Apr 1878 Kings, New York
Joseph Viverito 2 Aug 1885 New York, New York
Nicola Zaffarese 7 Mar 1883 New York, New York