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Craco Immigrants Arriving in US Ports Other Than New York City

Boston Immigration Station c. 1904

Boston Immigration Station c1904

Although New York Harbor was the primary port of entry for immigrants from Craco, there were several other locations around the country that could have served them, including Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, or New Orleans. Of these ports, a search of manifests (using identified 69 additional Crachesi entering through Boston. These arrivals occurred in a short period, with 2 individuals arriving in December 1901, 64 during 1902, and 3 in March 1903. The 1902 arrivals came on 5 different voyages. Three ships owned by the Dominion Line, the SS Cambroman, SS NewEngland, and SS Vancouver carried them from Naples to Boston.
When they arrived here they were processed at the Boston Immigration Station and then had to make their way to New York which was given as their destination. Why these immigrants chose this route isn’t known. Perhaps the Dominion Line, which normally had service from Liverpool England to Quebec City and Montreal Canada, offered a better rate since that company entered the Boston to Naples route during this period.
This list is by no means exhaustive, since the “Place of Last Residence” wasn’t always required or a misspelling of the town name “Craco” did not produce a match. The following is the list of individuals and images of the ships they arrived on.
Last                  First                         Date                  Born                  Ship

Basilio               see Ferante Maria Cesara

Branda              Maria Vincenza       1-Jun-02           1886            Vancouver
Branda              Maria Filomenia       22-Sep-02        1854            Cambroman
Cainco              Nicolino                    6-Nov-02          1889            Cambroman
Castellano        Nicoletta                   22-Sep-02        1884            Cambroman
Castellano        Maria Ceseara         22-Sep-02         1894           Cambroman
Castellano        Maria Filomeniasee Branda Maria Filomenia

Cigliano            Giovanni                   22-Sep-02       1881            Cambroman
Constantino      Nicola                       22-Sep-02       1878            Cambroman
Conte                Nicola                       22-Sep-02       1867            Cambroman
Cortle                Maria                        3-Mar-02         1895            New England
Coute                Caterina                   3-Mar-02         1893             New England

FeranteMaria     Ceseara                  22-Sep-02        1854            Cambroman
Gaetano             Rosa                       3-Mar-02          1859            New England
Gambaglione     Vittoria Maria          22-Sep-02         1860           New England
Infantino             Nicola                     27-Nov-02                            Vancouver
Iocavetti             Lorenzo                  1-Jun-02            1845           Vancouver
Laivaro               Vincenzo                  22-Sep-02       1855           Cambroman
Laivaro              Antonio                    22-Sep-02         1858           Cambroman
Laivaro              Giulia                       22-Sep-02         1859           Cambroman
Laivaro              Vittoria Stella            22-Sep-02        1862           Cambroman
Laivaro              Rosa Maria              22-Sep-02         1886           Cambroman
Laivaro              Nicoletta                   22-Sep-02         1896           Cambroman
Lambio              Rosa                         16-Aug-02         1844           Vancouver
Lambio               Leonardo Antonio     16-Aug-02        1865           Vancouver
Lauria                Giuseppe                    1-Jun-02          1888           Vancouver
Lauria                 Vincenzo                    22-Sep-02       1861           Vancouver
Lavaro                Rosa                          22-Sep-02       1864           Cambroman
LaVecchia          Maria                          22-Sep-02       1888           Cambroman
LaVecchia          Nicoletta                     22-Sep-02       1891           Cambroman
LaVecchia           Andrea                       22-Sep-02       1895           Cambroman
LaVecchia           Rosa see Lavaro Rosa
Lornezio             Rosa                          16-Aug-02       1844           Vancouver
Lornezio              Leonardo Antonio     16-Aug-02       1865           Vancouver
Lorubio                Carmela                    27-Nov-02       1847           Vancouver
Lunati                  Francesco Pasquale  22-Sep-02      1883           Cambroman
Lunati                  Maria                         22-Sep-02      1885            Cambroman
Mannozzi            Giuseppe                   3-Mar-02        1873            New England
Mastronardi         Andrea                      22-Sep-02      1890            Cambroman
Matera                 Giuseppe                  15-Dec-01      1878            Commonwealth
Matera                 Domenico                 12-Mar-03      1893            Cambroman
Mercandante       Maria Antonia            22-Sep-02     1880            Cambroman
Mormando           Gaetano                    15-Dec-01     1864            Commonwealth
Mormando           Apollina                     3-Mar-02       1867             New England
Mormando           Apollina                      3-Mar-02       1868           New England
Mormando           Maria Vincenza          3-Mar-02       1873           New England
Mormando           Maria Caterina           3-Mar-02       1893           New England
Mormando           Angela Maria               1-Jun-02       1857          Vancouver
Mormando           Ceresa                      12-Mar-03       1897           Cambroman
Novella                Giovanni                    1-Jun-02         1861           Vancouver
Pirretti                  Leonardo                   3-Mar-02        1866           New England
Pirretti                  Rocco                        3-Mar-02        1893           New England
Pirretti                  Pietro                          3-Mar-02       1898           New England
Pirretti                  Giovanni                     3-Mar-02       1900           New England
Porcaro                Michele                        3-Mar-02      1879           New England
Rinaldi                  Vincenzo                     27-Nov-02    1879           Vancouver
Rinaldi                 Giovanni                      27-Nov-02-   1880            Vancouver
Rinaldi                 Giuseppe Antonio        27-Nov-02    1886            Vancouver
Rossi                   Pietro                           27-Nov-02    1855            Vancouver
Rubertone           Antonio                         27-Nov-02    1859            Vancouver
Rubertone           Maria                           27-Nov-02     1883            Vancouver
Santalucia           Palma                           3-Mar-02       1880           New England
Santalucia           Gaetano Domenico      3-Mar-02       1899           New England
Spediante           Germania                      3-Mar-02       1845           New England
Spediante           Giovanna                      3-Mar-02       1835           New England
Spera                  Domenico                     27-Nov-02      1866          Vancouver
Spera                  Antonio                         27-Nov-02      1882          Vancouver
Spera                  Giuseppe                      27-Nov-02      1891          Vancouver
Veltre                  Grazia Maria                 22-Sep-02      1846          New England
Vitarella              Angela Maria                 12-Mar-03      1864          Cambroman
Dominion Line Ships on Naples to Boston Service

Cambroman, 1892

This ship was 6,059 gross tons, length 430ft x beam 46.3ft, one funnel, four masts, single screw and a service speed of 12 knots. Accommodation for 100-1st class plus 2nd and 3rd class passengers. Built by Laird Bros, Birkenhead, she was launched as a cargo ship for the British & North Atlantic Line on 6th Oct.1892. On 1st Dec.1892 she started her maiden voyage from Liverpool to Boston under charter to the Warren Line and in 1899 was fitted with passenger accommodation. Her first voyage for the Dominion Line started on 28th Jun.1899 when she sailed from Liverpool for Quebec and Montreal. On 10th Mar.1902 she sailed from Liverpool for Naples and then commenced Naples – Boston voyages. Her last Boston – Naples crossing started on 19th Sep.1903 and she then returned to Liverpool sailings. On 8th Mar. 1907 she started the first of three Antwerp – New York sailings under charter to the Red Star Line with accommodation for 1,275-3rd class passengers and was eventually scrapped in 1910 [North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P. Bonsor, vol.2,p.809-810]


Vancouver, 1884

Built by C. Connell & Co, Glasgow in 1884 for the Dominion Line. Her details were – 5,141 gross tons, length 430.6ft x beam 45ft, two funnels, four masts, iron construction, single screw and a speed of 14 knots. There was accommodation for 200-cabin class, 120-intermediate and 1,500-3rd class passengers. Launched on 12th March 1884, she commenced her maiden voyage from Liverpool to Quebec and Montreal on 8th may 1884. On 28th Dec. 1886 she was chartered to Inman Line and completed two voyages between Liverpool, Queenstown (Cobh) and New York. In August 1890 she sustained slight damage in collision with an iceberg in fog near Belle Isle. In November 1890 her commander and a quartermaster were swept overboard and drowned. In 1892 she was rebuilt with triple expansion engines and only one funnel, and in November 1894 she stranded at the entrance to Lough Foyle and was towed to Liverpool. In August 1896 she was in collision with the Beaver Line’s LAKE ONTARIO in the St Lawrence River and both ships sustained damage. On 29th March 1902 she sailed from Liverpool for Naples and on 10th April 1902 commenced her first Naples – Boston sailing. She commenced her last Boston – Genoa – Naples voyage on 21st Nov. 1903 and resumed Liverpool – Quebec – Montreal voyages in May 1904. Her accommodation was altered to carry 300-2nd and 1,500-3rd class passengers and she commenced her final voyage on 27th March 1909 when she left Portland for Liverpool. In 1910 she was scrapped. [North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P.Bonsor, vol.2,p.807]


White Star Line

The New England was built by Harland & Wolff, Belfast in 1898 for the Dominion Line. She was an 11,394 gross ton vessel, length 550.3ft x beam 59.3ft, one funnel, two masts, twin screw and a speed of 15 knots. There was accommodation for 200-1st, 200-2nd and 800-3rd class passengers. Launched on 7th April 1898 she started her maiden voyage from Liverpool to Boston on 30th June 1898. She commenced her last voyage on this service on 17th Sept. 1903 and then went to the White Star Line who renamed her ROMANIC. She sailed from Liverpool to Boston on 19th Nov. 1903 and then to Naples, Genoa and Glasgow. In January 1912 she went to the Allan Line was renamed SCANDINAVIAN and modified to carry 400-2nd and 800-3rd class passengers. On 23rd March 1912 she commenced her first sailing from Glasgow to Halifax and Boston and on 4th May 1912 her first voyage from Glasgow to Quebec and Montreal, returning with part of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. She then resumed the Glasgow – Canada service. In 1917 she went to Canadian Pacific Ocean Services and between 1918 and 1920 ran between Liverpool and New York and Liverpool and St.John.NB. On 18th May 1920 she commenced a service from Antwerp to Southampton, Quebec and Montreal, starting her last voyage on 24th May 1922. She was then laid up at Gareloch and in 1923 was scrapped in Germany. [North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P. Bonsor, vol.2, p.762]