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Autumn Delight with Pomegranate Sauce

Autumn Delight with Pomegranate Sauce


600 g of glazed chestnuts, pureed

100 g of “mostarda” of Aglianico grapes

100 g of “vino cotto (sweet “cooked wine”)

10 g of chopped hazelnuts

109 of cocoa powder

30 g of sugar

100 g pomegranate sauce

200 g of decorated biscuit (see recipe below)

100 g of cartellate dough (see recipe)


Combine all the ingredients: the glazed chestnuts, the mostarda, the vino cotto, the hazelnuts, the cocoa powder and the sugar. Mix well. Line individual moulds with cut out decorated biscuit and

spoon some of the mixture over. Refrigerate 30 minutes approximately. Coat with pomegranate sauce and turn out on cold dishes. Garnish with caramelised vine leaves made out of cartellate dough.

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